We keep you updated! PickMeApp Installer has now been released

Create: Gio, 2020-07-02 09:21
Author: admin

We are happy to announce our new PickMeApp Installer releases :

PickMeApp Installer is a free  tool helping to manage most of aspects of the Windows software life cycle: Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, terminating, removing applications with just a few clicks!

  • Installing or upgrading new or captured programs unattended.
  • Built-in PickMeApp Collection of free essentials application to quickly setup PC environment
  • Create and manage personal application collections from a list of 20,000 software titles
  • Support in wide range of standard setup packages formats such as msi, exe, and pad
  • Support in wide range of proprietary setup packages formats such as tap and tad.
  • Removing bunch of unnecessary programs unattended

PickMeApp Installer is absolutely free - no licenses, no expiration and no adware.

This release includes a new set of features that will keep your installed applications up-to-date. PickMeApp Installer ’s wide range of software management functionality makes PickMeApp Installer the most advanced and the best software updater tool in the market. Here’s why:

  1. Scan and lists your outdated software
  2. Upgrades are downloaded and installed with just one click
  3. Upgrades are downloaded from the program's original source
  4. Create a system restore point that rolls back to previous updates whenever required (Pro version only)
  5. Portable and non-portable modes (Pro version only)
  6. Built-in advanced Uninstaller
  7. Supports thousands of software programs via built-in and/or custom App Stores  
  8. Works smoothly with all Windows versions, including Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista 

In addition, PickMeApp Installer can be used to analysis installed software for transferability. On demand, PickMeApp Installer collects the essential information about installed software: a program name, version, publisher, id and type of installer. The report is sent to PickMeApp servers for analysis on whether can be captured and transferred by commercial PickMeApp tools. Those software programs are compared with all known software programs successfully transferred by PickMeApp. The final detail report is sent to the user’s email who requested the analyses. Using this feature, it is possible to verify if PickMeApp Pro or Light can capture and transfer installed software without having to purchase the license.

Visit the PickMeApp Installer web page and user manual to learn more about the tool. Start downloading  your PickMeApp Installer now!