PickMeApp is getting better: PickMeApp Light has been released!

We glad to inform you of our new PickMeApp Light release.

We continue to add more languages for PickMeApp!
This release includes German and Slovenian.

Many Thanks to Nik Grebovšek who volunteered to make a Slovenian translation for the PickMeApp interface!

This version fixes an unexpected shutdown of PickMeApp after startup on some computers.

More applications can now be successfully re-installed after being captured by PickMeApp.
PickMeApp Light fixes the problem that caused re-install failures after some applications were captured.
(e.g. Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007)

Due to numerous requests, we restored access to PickMeApp Beta
PickMeApp Light license owners can now receive the last PickMeApp Beta release.
PickMeApp Light users interested in receiving a personal PickMeApp Beta release should contact our support via Skype (support@pickmeapp.com)

Stay tuned for more powerful features coming in the next release!

If you are interested in volunteering to translate PickMeApp to your language, please contact us! You will get a free license for PickMeApp Light, as well as access to a new full PickMeApp version that is currently under development

Ein kleines Geschenk für die, die deutsch sprechen
Bitte nutzen Sie PMAL30DE100 Coupon, um 30% Rabatt zu erhalten, während Sie die PickMeApp Light Lizenz kaufen.
(gültig bis 23. Dezember 2017 für die ersten hundert Nutzer)