Download was canceled by SmartScreen

Create: Dom, 2016-02-14 15:43
Author: alonewk

I've tried many times to download it but it was forbidden by SmartScreen filter in Microsoft edge of IE (OS: Win10), and my antivirus software 360 Total Secure report it as suspicious file and suggest uploading it to make further analyst. I don't believe this program will do harm to my PC. Maybe you can help to solve this problem.

TAppTeam    February 17, 2016

Dear alonewk

Indeed Microsoft Edge prevents downloading of PickMeApp and PickMeAppLight tools

Please read the following post about security status of PickMeApp tools


The false positive report was sent to Microsoft a few weeks ago
Unfortunately we did not yet received any feedback from Microsoft.

You may probably following the following advice to disable SmartScreen Filter. It might be not a bad solution considering the fact that we were not only the software developers who were affected by stupidly of SmartScreen Filter