PickMeApp does not contain a virus, trojan, malware.

Create: Wed, 2014-02-26 12:54
Author: TAppTeam

PickMeApp does not contain a viruses, trojan, malware.

PickMeApp executable files are tested by at least 50 antiviruses programs for each release.

The PickMeApp installation package is stored on our secure site pickmeapp.com.
All legal download sites which publish PickMeApp tools redirect download requests to our pickmeapp.com site.
All  PickMeApp download requests are served by our pickmeapp.com site.

Bellow please find list of all PickMeApp executables:

Included in the installation package

  • PickMeApp.exe  or PickMeAppLight.exe Main PickMeApp executable
  • GrabberEngine.dll - library  for PickMeApp
  • PadEngine.dll - library  for PickMeApp
  • MiddleEarth.dll - library  for PickMeApp
  • makensis.exe - third party executable  ( from trusted source)
  • make.bat - script running makensis

All PickMeApp executables are signed by COMODO

PickMeApp site is scanned by third party

Currently known False Alarms 21 Mar 2023

  • NONE

We are in contact with Antivirus Publishers to clean up false all  positive alarms.

chadi_bin    February 27, 2015


ahmed_mohamed1227_1    January 24, 2016

this app is good

TAppTeam    June 24, 2016

The security alarms were coming from am advertisement software with which PickMeApp was integrated. Starting from July 1 , 2016 no more advertisement will be shown by PickMeApp. No more anti virus alarms should come while using PickMeApp.