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Creating System Restore Points with PickMeAppPro

Create: Tue, 2023-05-30 18:04
Author: admin

System restore points are usually created by Windows Installer during software installs or removals. But what about non-MSI or faulty installers? #PickMeAppPro has got you covered! Enable the option in settings to create restore points for any action: installs, uninstalls, updates, and relocations.

Transferring Product Keys: Tools and Methodologies

Create: Wed, 2023-05-17 06:01
Author: TAppTeam


Transferring Product Keys: Tools and Methodologies

When migrating software between computers or reinstalling your operating system, a crucial step is transferring the product keys. These keys are unique identifiers that authenticate and activate your software. Several tools, both free and paid, can help in this process.

Free Tools:

Does PickMeApp transfer a product key?

Create: Sun, 2020-04-05 20:46
Author: admin

Eventually, while transferring program settings, PickMeApp might transfer products keys for some programs. For the best result please use any key finder tool, available in the Internet .
We may recommend the most advanced Recover Keys utility,  able to recovery key for more then 9000+ programs. There is no other key finder tool with such impressive number of supported programs.

"Copy". "Move" or "Transfer" an Office installation to another computer.

Create: Wed, 2017-11-01 09:37
Author: admin

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As general rule only retail license allows transfering Microsoft Office from one computer to another.

  • FPP- Full Product Pack
  • HUP - Home Use Program, variation of the FPP, Corporate discount

Also Office "Home and Student" bundle allowed install and activation on up to 3 computers ( "in the home").