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Author: TAppTeam

the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Among Windows software programs there are two types of programs : those that are Qualified Applications and those that are Non-Qualified for a PickMeApp transfer.  Currently PickMeApp is able to capture and transfer applications that use Windows Installer (MSI) or Inno Setup installers.
    About 80% of Windows programs are Qualified Applications.
  • Among Qualified Applications there are two types of programs: those that are captured by PickMeApp and those that are not.
    About 99% of Qualified Applications are captured by PickMeApp.
  • Among software programs captured by PickMeApp there are two types of programs: those that are successfully re-deployed by  PickMeApp on an new PC and those that are not. Each release we increase number of successfully re-deployed programs.
    About 85% of captured programs are redeployed by PickMeApp .
  • Among software programs re-deployed by PickMeApp there are two types of programs: those that  run on new PC and those that do not. Some of running programs may complain but usually they do not. (some programs may need a PC restart, while others may need some Workarounds)
    About 95% of re-deployed programs run smoothly on a new PC.

If your program was among those 80%x99%x80%x95%=65% of good re-deployed Windows software programs, please let us know. We will gratefully update a  list of programs confirmed to transfer by PickMeApp.  All those programs are based on MSI on Inno Setup  technology. Usually those programs are good and expensive : MS Office , Photoshop , QuickBooks etc.... Most of Windows Certified programs are supported.

Eventually, If you program was among those 45% of unlucky programs , please let  us and others know.   Most of those programs are free or open source. Those programs are usually have frequent updates. Their new versions can be easily downloaded directly from original sites. We think that It is better to reinstall a new fresh copy of such applications then transfer them.

PickMeApp has a solutions for  programs which are not transferable.  PickMeApp may install a fresh copy of programs if they are described in PAD format.
Moreover the installation of several programs can be  automated  in silent ( unattended mode). Currently PickMeApp distribution includes an updated PickMeApp Collection of approximately 71 which installation can be automated. More applications can be added easily. (see more)


However if you still need to transfer some your program we may provide a dedicated solution for the most requested programs, just ask!

To provide  us a feedback  about the good, the bad and the ugly,  please  use the  "Support" button on PickMeApp available after  registration.

eklei    March 06, 2011

Hi thanks for this app. But it doesn't recognize the vast majority of my installed programs in XP.
These include but are not limited to avast, 7-zip, DVDFab, Eudora, Irfanview, Newsbin Pro, Newsleecher, Firefox, Easus Partition Master, WinRAR, WinX DVD Ripper, VideoLan, Yahoo Messenger, etc.
These are all listed in my Add/Remove programs in Windows XP Pro.
Is there any way to manually add these?
thank you.

TAppTeam    March 14, 2011

In reply to by eklei

What properties have those programs in common?
All those programs do not use Windows Installer.
The current version of  PickMeApp recognizes only Windows Installer base programs.
The restriction will be removed in some future releases.

WesleyM    March 07, 2011

Hi there, Is there any hope of transferring Cakewalk Sonar X1 via pickmeapp? It doesn't seem to be appearing as available for transfer. Thanks. Wesley

TAppTeam    March 11, 2011

In reply to by WesleyM

When you start PickMeApp, is the Cakewalk Sonar X1 application available in the list of installed applications (does PickMeApp see it)? Also can you please tell us what version of Cakewalk Sonar X1 do you have?

The last but not the least: do not forget to deactivate your software on your old PC and to activate it on a new one when you transfer your applications

Ken-R    May 16, 2011

I want to transfer some applications from Wndows XP to Windows 2000. It worked fine on XP but when I went on W2K PC and started the PickUpAPP it stated "pickmeapp.exe is not a valid win32 application" . Does that mean I cannot use it on a W2K PC? Any suggestions?

arpago    September 27, 2011

ARMED from Virtuamedic is not recognized

halilkarakose    June 16, 2012

Symantec Endpoint Protection is recognized, captured, deployed. But I cannot see the application. It just doesn't exist in the destination computer. (from win7 to win7)

dvdljns    December 09, 2012

I am using gamebooster3 the free version. The new version not only costs but does not work as well. Recently i had to do a complete restore on one of my comps and lost game booster. Which is not recognized. But you said pickmeapp only recognized programs that used windows installer. does this mean if I build a windows install package. MSI? pickmeapp will recognize that install??

TAppTeam    December 09, 2012

In reply to by dvdljns

To make PickMeApp support gamebooster3 , the developer of gamebooster3 should distribute the application as MSI installation.  As an example:  gamebooster3 installation was built with Inno Setup.

pikaciu88_1    February 02, 2013

same os ( xp to xp) aldelo pro edition v3.8 no work.
please help me

maaeng    February 19, 2014

I cannot to see the program in left list , Why?

maaeng    February 19, 2014

I cannot to see the program in left list , Why?

nelson.sakugava    January 03, 2015

No cd instalation

imaginesempre    August 29, 2016

very wel