The Best PickMeApp Ever! Discover InstallShare, Automatic Install, and More in Our Last Release!

Dear Valued PickMeApp Users,

We're thrilled to introduce the latest update to PickMeApp, packed with groundbreaking features designed to streamline the process of transferring and managing applications across multiple PCs.

What's New in This Update?

  • InstallShare Profile: Experience seamless package synchronization across multiple PCs with our new InstallShare profile. Easily sync and manage your applications on any connected device. Learn more about this feature here
  • Auto-Install Packages Within Profiles: We've introduced the 'Auto-Install Packages' feature, which automates the installation of packages within your profiles. Set it once and let PickMeApp handle the rest, ensuring your software is always up to date. Find out more here.
  • PickMeApp ID Auto-Retrieval: Simplify your license management with PickMeApp ID auto-retrieval. Just use your email and password to automatically fetch your fresh PickMeApp ID from our site. More details here.
  • Manage Built-In Profiles: Navigate the new Profiles Tab in the Settings dialog to easily manage your built-in profiles. Click here for more information. 
  • Enhanced Stability and Performance: Enjoy a smoother and more stable PickMeApp with our latest bug fixes and performance enhancements. 

Trivia: What happens when you combine the InstallShare Profile and Auto-Install Packages? 
Clue: Endless possibilities! :) 

Celebrate with Us!  To show our appreciation for your longstanding loyalty, we are offering a HUGE DISCOUNT on PickMeApp Pro licenses. Starting June 15th, licenses will be available for just $3, with the price increasing by $3 every two days. Act quickly to secure the best price! 

Thank You for continuing to choose PickMeApp. We are excited for you to experience these new features! Stay tuned for upcoming discounts, offers and tips by following us on (X) Twitter @PickMeAppPro

Best Regards,  
The PickMeApp Team