Import package(s) Pickmeup collection on Windows 7

Create: Fri, 2015-06-05 01:42
Author: keope5

Hello. How can I restore the program from PickMeUp to the new Windws7 installation? Thanks for a prompt answer.

TAppTeam    June 10, 2015

PickMeApp Light packages captured application as self extracted archive.
This self extracted archive  can be used to restore the application on any PC without PickMeApp usage.

Simply run the executable created by PickMeApp Light and following the instructions.


From another hand the full PickMeApp  stores captured application as .tap archive.
To restore application on the second PC , PickMeApp should be used.
PickMeApp may create self extracted archive from .tap file as well.
Simply point on captured application and click "Save as Exe" button.

More information can be found in PickMeApp manual

uwe.manigk    December 02, 2016

Wo kann ich Sprachpaket für deutsch bekommen??