Capture program adobe photoshop cs5 on Windows 7

Create: Fri, 2018-04-06 21:06
Author: lorisdanilo

a non qualified app can be captured?

TAppTeam    January 20, 2019

we call application qualified if PickMeApp can capture it .Other applications are called non-qualified.

eventually we will improve PickMeApp to capture and to transfer all ( or most of all ) applications

yanaziyo_bfed2f8f    May 22, 2022

In reply to by TAppTeam

3 years passed and upto now you didn't fix anything??? I subscribed for your application to transfer the most important applications i need and what i got? NOTHING!!!! Thay are "non-qualified"! Seriously? Your team and your program are non-qualified! Im so DISSAPPOINTED!!!! I should choose the other application, but not yours!

admin    February 14, 2024

now it works :)