Capture program pickmeup 1.3.3 on Other

Create: Thu, 2019-01-10 19:17
Author: kay.s.h.chen

I'm trying to transfer programs from one computer to the other. Both computers have Win10. Pickmeapp light can find the qualified software products, but cannot capture those products (the "capture" buttons are grey, can't click on them). Please let me know what I can do to make it work. Thanks! Kay

TAppTeam    January 14, 2019

Dear Kay
Few pionts to pay attention

  • PickMeApp Light allows capturing buttons as soon as it finishes searching installed applications It sometimes can take up to 10 min , dependably on number of installed applications
  • Capturing button is be not enabled if it is Non-Qualified Applications
  • Another reason could be that PickMeApp is not able to access TAPP folder located in the folder pickmeapp was installed.

Could you please send us logs from PickMeApp application?

They are located at %appdata%\PickMeApp
( see…)

also the history.xml file located at PickMeApp light installation  would be useful,

PickMeApp Support