It is time to say goodbye! PickMeApp Beta Released!

This is the last version of PickMeApp Beta, the only free tool transferring installed programs from PC to PC.

Starting from PickMeApp Beta there will be no more releases for PickMeApp Beta.

We have tried to make this last PickMeApp Beta release to be as usefully as possible.

  • We have found and fixed long hidden issues causing PickMeApp to fail capturing many qualified applications.
  • Now near 100% Qualified applications are capturable.
  • PickMeApp Collections were updated with the new applications and direct download links in the last time.

NOTE: Soon the PickMeApp site will be shut down as well!

Hurry up to update and to download the last PickMeApp Beta version!

Few more additional changes that you should be aware

  • PickMeApp Light version was discontinued at all.
    We encourage you to use the last PickMeApp Beta
  • and stopped to offer PickMeApp Light downloads.
    Be careful while downloading PickMeApp Light from other sites.
  • In a few weeks all versions prior PickMeApp Beta will stop function properly.
    We encourage you to use the last PickMeApp Beta

We hope that during last five years PickMeApp was really useful for you.
We hope that you will forgive us for whatever harm PickMeApp might have done to you.

Please consider to make a donation.
They say donations increase your capacity to love and to forgive...

Yours Sincerely,