New features in development

Create: Mon, 2010-08-30 05:12
Author: TAppTeam


Last Major releases

  • PickMeApp Pro 3.2
  • PickMeApp Light 1.3
  • PickMeApp Installer 5.1

There are following new PickMeApp features in development after

  1. Relocate installed applications
  2. Run installed applications
  3. Improve and simplify a PickMeApp support system
  4. Increase number of supporting programs by applying known workarounds automatically (MS Office, Adobe Photoshop,...)
  5. Extend recognition  and support software suites as one programs beyond Microsoft programs 
  6. Support capturing and  transfer of Non-Qualified applications
  7. Capturing applications from non active system disks
  8. Improve program setting transfer.

This post can be used to request new features, workarounds and improvements for PickMeApp. 
We would love to know what you need!