PickMeApp Beta released

PickMeApp extends its functionality and becomes a truly personal application manger.
Now, alongside with programs and settings transfer, PickMeApp helps you
to discover, download and install any of existing windows applications with just a few clicks.

A new version of PickMeApp supports a well known Portable Application Description (PAD) format.

PAD files are xml files created by software authors to provide product descriptions and specifications.
Regularly updated PAD files are published by thousands of software information services and software catalogs
The ASP organization, the initiator of PAD standard, maintains PAD repository with more then 200,000 constantly updated software descriptors.


Starting from , PickMeApp recognizes PAD files and presents them in the Right Panel alongside with captured programs.
Upon request, PickMeApp downloads and install software describing by PAD files, just by one click.
Moreover PickMeApp is able to install several software at once, thanks to a proprietary extension of PAD format, named TAD
(T-App Application Description )

As an example of PickMeApp usage as an application manager, a new PickMeApp distribution includes
PickMeApp Collection of about 70 popular programs in the extended PAD format.
You may browse, select , and install one or several programs at once.

A Quick Introduction to make your own Application Collection

1. Go to software repositories and find programs described by PAD files. ( Usually they have .xml or .pad file name extension).
2. Rename those files to have .tad extension ( for example acronis.xml rename to acronis.tad )
2. Import it to the PickMeApp default profile or create a new profile with those TAD files
3. PickMeApp will recognize those files and will list them alongside with captured applications ( TAP ) files.
4. Now all standard PickMeApp features are applied to those TAD files.
* review programs info
* sort and filter
* install those programs
* etc.

Please visit PickMeApp User Manual (/user_manual) to learn more about a new PickMeApp functionality

Links for software repositories where PAD files can be found