PickMeApp Beta released

PickMeApp is delighted  to announce our new Update: PickMeApp Beta release. Download the Update now!

Windows 8? PickMeApp   supports it  like a charm ! 

PickMeApp Beta adds still more improvements as your very own personal Application Manager. Now, together with programs & settings transfer, PickMeApp helps you to discover, download and install any existing Windows applications with just a few clicks by supporting a well known Portable Application Description (PAD) format.

    - PickMeApp Beta  now recognizes PAD files much easier . It presents software on the Right Panel , will download and install it upon request, with a single click.

    - PickMeApp Beta is also able to install several programs at once, as long as the software is described  by our proprietary PAD extension  (called TAD). The PickMeApp distribution includes an updated PickMeApp Collection of approximately 79 popular programs in the extended TAD format. We will publish The PickMeApp Collection archive update every 2 weeks  on our site,  that will include all new software versions & new applications in TAD format.

    -In PickMeApp Beta  You can easily update PickMeApp Collection by yourself thanks to a new "Import Archive"  PickMeApp profile feature.  Visit pickmeapp.com  to download  an updated archive  (zip file) and Press "Import" button on the PickMeApp Collection profile.

See our PickMeApp User Manual  pages (pickmeapp.com/user_manual#node/323) to learn more about new PickMeApp functionality as an Application Manager.

Special Offer To PickMeApp Registered Users Only!

To celebrate Cyber Monday November 23rd  we will be offering some unique offers from the world renowned software by Acronis & others! Don't forget to check the email we'll be sending!

PickMeApp FaceBook Page

Finally….., in response to the many requests we've launched the PickMeApp FaceBook page. PLEASE "like it" and lets start our very own community. We hope to use it as a tool to hear from you about the software you like and need and want, and those that you don't, and why. We also promise to have exclusive offers & competitions. Together we'll make it THE place to be.