PickMeApp Beta release

We continue to advance PickMeApp as your ultimate Application Manager.
We are excited to announce major PickMeApp release with massive update of new features.

Now, PickMeApp will find and show all installed programs.
Dependably on installed program type PickMeApp is be able to capture, transfer, uninstall, or repair those programs.
Other programs can be easily installed or uninstalled by PickMeApp.

We continue to increase our PickMeApp Collection of popular one-click installable programs.
The current PickMeApp distribution includes 115 popular one-click installable programs.
All included programs are the latest releases linked directly to their original publisher sites.
Each day we review, test and add new programs to our PickMeApp Collection.

All registered users who frequently install programs using PickMeApp will enjoy automatic updates of our growing PickMeApp Collection.

Also  the release includes some stability and bug fixes as well as  improved system log to help us to troubleshoot PickMeApp functionality easier.

More amazing features are coming  soon. Thank you for using PickMeApp tool!