PickMeApp - From Start To Finish! Use The PickMeApp Application Launcher

We are happy to announce our new releases:

  • PickMeApp Pro
  • PickMeApp Installer
  • PickMeApp Light

These releases include the new PickMeApp features and improvements, as well as many stability fixes:

New in this version:

  • PickMeApp as application launcher (Start and Stop applications)(see PickMeApp as Application Launcher)
  • Responsive menu for Application and System Profile bars (i.e. fitting small displays)
  • Discovering installation folders for non-qualified applications (i.e. improving relocation)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

PickMeApp as Application Launcher

In line with our goal to make PickMeApp the ultimate Windows Application Manager for everyone, PickMeApp is adding a new capability of launching and terminating installed applications with just one click. PickMeApp’s detailed knowledge of application components allows PickMeApp to locate and start any executable of the installed software on your PC.

PickMeApp can also identify and terminate any running process of the selected application on demand. PickMeApp even handles hidden application services running in the background that are consuming computer resources.

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