PickMeApp vs PCMover: Operating systems support

Create: Sun, 2013-11-24 10:42
Author: TAppTeam


  • While PickMeApp supports the same set of Windows operating systems, PickMeApp is less restrictive than PCmover.
  • PickMeApp being portable tool has a clear advantage over PCmover, which requires installation on both PC.



Operating Systems Restrictions

Starting from a release 2013 , PCmover dropped support for Windows 2000 (and Windows 98).This is due to fact that Windows 2000 is running on  less than 0.3% of PC

Now for October 2013 , PCmover 8 and PickMeApp support the same set of operating systems

  • Windows XP SP1*, SP2*, SP3
  • Windows Vista SP1, SP2
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8,  Windows 8.1
  • 32 Bit and 64 Bit

*  As for now PickMeApp does not support this service pack.

PCmover   Installation

  • PCmover  should be installed on both PC.
  • PCmover requires  Microsoft Visual C++ 2005(2008) Redistributable – x86
  • PCmover and PickMeApp requires Administrator-level permissions to do a migration.

In the same time, PickMeApp is fully portable application with minimal requirements from operating system.

Source vs Target Operating systems Restrictions

The same restrictions are applied for both tools  PCmover and PickMeApp.

  • The operating system on the new PC must be the same as or newer than the operating system on the old PC.
  • Programs from  the 32 Bit operating system should be transferred to the same or 64 Bit operating system

The following restrictions are applied for PCmover only

  • The new PC should have the same or newer version of Internet Explorer as that installed on the old PC
  • PCmover must be installed on both PCs.