PickMeApp vs PCMover: Programs Support

Create: Tue, 2013-11-26 07:16
Author: TAppTeam


  • Being technology superior PickMeApp is able to transfer most of future programs while PCmover  should be always updated to the  latest version to support new programs.
  • At the same time, as for now PCmover is able to transfer more programs than PickMeApp
  • if PickMeApp is able to recognize a program,  PickMeApp is more accurate while transferring this programs.

Source vs Target Program Transfer Restrictions

The same restrictions are applied for both tools  PCmover and PickMeApp.

  • Some older applications may not work correctly after migration without an update
  • Digital Rights Management  applications may not function correctly after migration. ( e.g  iTunes, MusicMatch and Napster, etc)
  • Some programs require reactivation on the new PC and possibly reinstallation. 
  • Do not transfer system tools, such as virus scanners, spyware detectors, firewall software, and desktop search utilities.
  • some applications require installation to the same drive on which they were originally installed.
  • Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express/Windows Mail: PCmover will migrate Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail but may not update your
    contacts and messages correctly


PCmover restrictions only

  • Should not transfer programs that  appear on both PCs prior to migration
  • Applications with a trial version installed on one PC and the full version on the other PC.
  • Exit all programs that are running on both computers.
  • Turn off system tools such as virus scanners, spyware scanners, firewall software and desktop search utilities on both PC
  • PCmover tool should be kept changing to match changing software it moves. User must have the latest version of PCmover to be sure that modern  programs will be transferred too
  • If an migrated application does not work or displays errors on the new machine, try a Repair done through the Windows Control Panel
  • PCmover can  restore your new PC to its original state before the transfer


Supported programs

PCmover is based on scanning and filtering noise. This technology if tuned and tested well may  support more programs. However PCmover  should be always updated to the  latest version to support new programs