Spyware, viruses, & security forum: Google and Bing search results links redirects: Virus or money-maker?

Create: Sat, 2013-11-02 10:16
Author: TAppTeam

In the following CNET forum discussion people discuss if adwares that make search redirects are viruses or money makers.

Some of points to review

  1. "Run a scan with AdwCleaner."
  2. "you make your clicks and you take your chances"
  3. "These annoying redirects are often add-on's to some program or feature that users download. They can often be avoided by carefully looking at the installation GUI as you install downloads. Often times there are check-boxes that have their defaults set to allow the installer to install additional items. You should almost always decline (not check) these add-on's."
  4. "Read the installation and/or download GUI very carefully before you advance to the next page.
    (2) Select a custom rather than an express install.
    (3) Deselect or choose to decline when another program install is mentioned."
  5. etc.