5.7 PickMeApp Collection

To ease the process of using PickMeApp as your go-to Application Manager, the PickMeApp distribution includes the PickMeApp Collection Web Profile of 120 popular one-click installable programs.

  • All included programs are the latest releases linked directly to their original publisher sites.
  • PickMeApp can install these applications all at once.
  • All installation work is done in the background.
  • Applications are downloaded directly from each publisher's official site.
  • The applications are installed in their default locations.
  • They will not bother you with any choices or options.
  • They will be installed without extra junk such as toolbars, among others.
  • They will skip any reboot requests from installers, although you might need to restart your PC manually at the end of the installation process.

Each day we review, evaluate, and add programs to our PickMeApp Collection. The built-in PickMeApp Collection Web Profile enjoys automatic updates coming from our growing PickMeApp Collection.