How to workaround "Cannot be deployed twice"

Create: Sat, 2016-01-23 16:49
Author: Anonymous (not verified)

I am trying to transfer Family Treemaker to my wifes new hardware. 1st time it appeared to succeed however no shortcut appeared. I searched for the app icon and created a shorcut but was unable to start the app, I decided to start over but hit the brickwall above. What must I do to begin again. Surely there is a setting that can be changed to allow recapture? Please help, we lost the Program cd and transfer is our only hope since Ancestry will not supply a disc as the program was discontinued 12/13/15. Clive

admin    January 26, 2016

Hello clive_2

Thank you for sharing the problem with Family Treemaker

PickMeApp does not allow to capture the same application twice in the same profile
To capture it again you should delete/move the application from profile or to create new profile

PickMeApp will not allow to re-install already installed program. So  you should first uninstall program using PickMeApp or Add Remove Program dialog.


To increase chance that Family Treemaker will be successfully captured try to do the following

1. Stop/kill  any executable of Family TreeMaker before capture the application
"To make application capture safer you can disable capturing of applications that are currently run."

see the following user manual topic

2. use advanced settings to include "the current custom user settings"

see the following user manual topic


please let us know if those two steps helped .


clive_2 (not verified)    January 27, 2016

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Thanks for the excellent response.

However, I must remove FTM from the target computer first and herein lies the problem. Neither method to de-instal will work for the same reason.

"The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the file exists and you can access it." then in a search box the path and name are shown "C:\PROGRA~2\{3F06E~1\

I looked also on the USB drive I used for the operation but it was not there either.

I have not tried deleting all the files in the FTM folder as I do not know what might happen.

What do you advise?



TAppTeam    January 28, 2016

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It seems not all files were captured by PickMeApp.

We will try to reproduce the problem on your end.  We will post the result in this thread.
However it seems we would be probably able to fix capturing Family Tree Maker anew . 
Due to fact that you have no valid installed application it may not help you.


Could you please send us your TAP file ?

probably by uploading it to dropbox/google drive/ondrive and sending us a link via email

support @ 

we may probably find which files/settings  are missing, thus adding this files would recover installation 



TAppTeam    January 29, 2016

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We have successfully captured and installed Family Tree Maker 2012 with default PickMeApp settings.

The only workaround was to make sure to run Family Tree Maker "as administrator"

So your TAP file could be correctly deployed on Win 7 machine.
Make sure to run the Family Tree Maker "as administrator"