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Create: Sun, 2023-01-22 17:55
Author: stefano.signor…

Il programma non mi consente di visualizzare e quindi migrare i programmi installati su un hard disk di un altro computer installato all'interno del pc "master". Ho quindi creato una versione portable su chiavetta, lanciato da qui, peckmeapp si avvia, ma non ci sono le scritte sui pulsanti e non funziona nulla.

admin    February 14, 2024

Dear Stefano Signorelli,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the issue you're experiencing with PickMeApp. It sounds like the problem may be related to the destination profile for the captured application not being correctly chosen. To ensure functionality, please make sure to select a destination profile that is not read-only, such as the PickMeApp Collection, which is a web profile.

If the issue continues despite this adjustment, we would appreciate it if you could contact us directly and provide more detailed information about the challenges you're facing. This will help us to better understand the situation and offer a more precise solution.

Best regards,
PickMeApp Support