Capture program All shown on Windows XP

Create: Tue, 2017-09-19 22:37
Author: robroy8

Hello team I have installed your software and opened up the application, I am trying to select a program showing but I click the box to select it and the box remains blank so i cannot do any operastions. Please advise. If I had an email adress I could send a screenshot as I cannot attach them here. Kind regards Harry

admin    April 16, 2020
There are few reasons you may fail to select application for capturing

1. Applications belongs to Non-Qualified application types. - It is known issue
2. Application was already captured in the active profile. -  Select another profile to capture this application
3. you are using PickMeapp Light. - it is currently not supported in that version of PickMeApp.

images can be sent support @ email account