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Create: Wed, 2017-12-06 08:32
Author: g.pirotta

it seems not working wiht windows 10 I've found the list, but no way to mark or move, how ?

TAppTeam    December 08, 2017

Hello parotta

It seems you are referring features of full PickMeApp Beta which is described in our manual We keep the original manual due to fact that there are still several hundred thousand of PickMeApp Beta users that continue to use PickMeApp beta Those users may still get online support and receive discounts for new commercial releases.

Currently only PickMeApp Light is available for download and purchasing
Please see the differences between PickMeApp and PickMeApp Light
The license you have purchases is for PickMeApp Light version However, all PickMeApp Light users will be eligible for a full version of PickMeApp once it is released.
Please see

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