Case Study - transfer to a new PC

Create: Mon, 2010-08-30 05:38
Author: TAppTeam

To move from an old computer, the following steps should be done:

  • Install new OS on the new PC (if it is not preinstalled there)
  • Install frameworks like .Net, Java etc..
  • Decide on transfer method (Network drive, USB flash drive, Remote Storage, etc..)
  • Run PickMeApp on old PC and to capture a chosen set of programs
  • Deactivate and/or uninstall programs with activation license
  • Run PickMeApp on new PC and reinstall programs
  • Reinstall applications that cannot be transferred by PickMeApp
  • Use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer settings and files to the new system
  • Activate licenses a new

If a transferred application requires a license key that you lost, you can use a keyfinder program to retrieve the key.

If old and new computers are networked you can open PickMeApp profile directly at the new computer hard drive.