Create: Mon, 2023-01-16 09:16
Author: DWW_Wolf

Hi I've installed newest pro version 3.8.2 on a XP embedded system. I can start it, the wellcome screen is visible and it closes without any notice. Any helP??

admin    February 15, 2024

Dear Andreas Wolf,

Thank you for reaching out regarding the issue you're experiencing with the newest Pro version 3.8.2 on an XP embedded system. PickMeApp is designed to support Windows XP SP3 and above, and it requires MSI 4.5 to be installed on the computer. Please ensure that your system meets these minimum specifications.

Additionally, it's important to note that PickMeApp has not been tested on XP embedded systems. These systems may lack some critical OS components necessary for PickMeApp to function properly, which could explain the issue you're encountering where the welcome screen is visible but then closes without any notice.

Best regards,
PickMeApp Support