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Create: Wed, 2018-01-17 10:25
Author: antoniogarganese2

Ho acquistato la licenza. Il programma è installato, ma nell'interfaccia vedo una sola finestra, quella di sinistra. Io non vedo quella di destra.

TAppTeam    January 17, 2018


You see one window since you are using PickMeApp Light version.

The license you have purchases is for PickMeApp Light version

Currently only PickMeApp Light is available for download and purchasing However, all PickMeApp Light users will be eligible for a full version of PickMeApp once it is released.

The user manual you see on PickMeApp site, describes PickMeApp and PickMeApp Light.

Please see the differences between PickMeApp and PickMeApp Light 

We would be glad to send you the last PickMeApp Beta which is described in the user manual

Please contact us by skype

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