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Create: Fri, 2023-06-16 01:03
Author: spanos_97d129bd

I was testing the application and I asked it to relocate my Office Application but never indicated a folder. I lost the installation now and I cannot find where it relocated it. What should I be looking for? I need to reverse the action...

admin    February 14, 2024

Dear George Spanos,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concern with relocating your Office Application using PickMeApp Pro. By default, PickMeApp Pro stores captured applications in the "My Captured Application Profile" within the TAPP folder, located at `%programdata%\PickMeApp\TAPP`. You can easily access this folder by launching PickMeApp and then pressing the "Open Folder Link" located within the PickMeApp profile bar.

If you did not specify a destination profile for the capturing application, it's likely that the Office Application has been captured to the default profile that points to the TAPP folder. Once in the TAPP folder, look for the application's name or any related files to locate your Office Application.

Best regards,
PickMeApp Support