PickMeApp advanced tunning: cache setup is too big

Create: Mon, 2019-07-08 12:04
Author: TAppTeam

In some cases PickMeApp calculates cache incorrectly. PickMeApp may assume that an entire disk or some common directory are part of the  cache setup of the application.

In such cased PickMeApp will try to capture the entire disk or the whole directory as an application setup cache. 

An advanced setting parameter "CacheSizeRatio" could be used to prevent PickMeApp to capture wrong setup cache. Edit this parameter  "CacheSizeRatio"  inside  settings.xml file.

  • if  CacheSizeRatio < 0, it will capture any setup cache. This is a default value
  • if  CacheSizeRatio= 0, it will not capture setup cache
  • if  CacheSizeRatio > 0, it will capture cache if it is less than size of application * CacheSizeRatio

if PickMeApp shows too large setup cache, update CacheSizeRatio for some reasonable value, say 10