PickMeApp goes professional: PickMeApp Pro 3.0 has been released!

We are happy to announce the long-awaited release of our application manager PickMeApp Pro 3.0.
PickMeApp Pro extends PickMeApp’s functionality by introducing an automated, personal software package manager for Windows.

PickMeApp Pro helps you easily manage all aspects of the Windows software life cycle: Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, removing, capturing and transferring applications with just a few clicks!

With PickMeApp Pro, the user can create and manage their favorite application collections from multiple sources. They are free to use the built-in PickMeApp Collection of popular programs to download and install productive Windows software.
PickMeApp Pro can be installed on your PC or run as a portable application from removable storage.

More information about how PickMeApp Pro becomes your personal package and software manager can be found by following this link.

Starting July 5th , the PickMeApp Pro license will start selling for just $12. The price will rise $4 every day after, so act now!

New versions of PickMeApp Light 1.3.4 and PickMeApp 2.0.4 have been released as well.
The change log can be found in the following links:

PickMeApp(Classic) is coming to its end-of-life date
PickMeApp Light 1.3 Release: A large step forward !

Our team also made improvements for the PickMeApp products license offer.
From now on, users may purchase one of three types of licenses that best fits their personal usage of PickMeApp.

- ($13) Yellow License: Includes PickMeApp Light only.
- ($24) Green License: Includes access to PickMeApp Light and PickMeApp (Classic).
- ($48) Blue License: Access to PickMeApp Light, PickMeApp (Classic) and PickMeApp Pro!

The new license model is backwards compatible.
PickMeApp (Classic) license users can run PickMeApp 2.0.4 and PickMeApp Light 1.3.4 and up.

Starting July 5th, the PickMeApp Pro license will start selling for just $12. The price will rise $4 every day after!