PickMeApp Light 1.3 Release: A large step forward !

Create: Mon, 2018-10-29 16:30
Author: TAppTeam

We are happy to inform you of our anniversary release; PickMeApp Light 1.3 .

What is new in (05-May-2020)

  • Fix: Languages are upgraded during PickMeApp upgrade as well.
  • Fix: Few cleanups to reduce size of PickMeApp executables .

What is new in (07-Jan-2020)

  • Feature: The app now shows the total number of applications.
  • Feature: Press the "Support" button to opens the location of PickMeApp logs files.
  • Fix startup crash when Classic Shell (or similar) software is installed on the computer.
  • Fix  an issue with 2020-year licenses was fixed.

What is new in (24-Nov-2019) 

  • Feature: PickMeApp Installer compatibility.
  • Fix : Removing unnecessary dlls from the setup


What is new in (21-Oct-2019) 

  • PickMeApp Light starts 20 times faster, thanks to improvements and removing unused features.

What is new in (08-Oct-2019)

  • Feature : Improved capturing and transfer algorithm: supports capturing and transferring complex software such as Autocad 2007, 2008, etc. (also available in PickMeApp Light
  • Feature: PickMeApp Pro compatibility.
  • Fix: several stability fixes.

What is new in (09-Jul-2019)

  • Fix: Transfer failed with "...... install finished with error because restoring data cache and source lists failed" error. The error was responsible for about 10% failures, mostly for MS office components.

What is new in (26-Jun-2019)

  • Feature: PickMeApp(Classic) License can run PickMeApp Light.
  • Feature: More verbose session log messages .
  • Feature: PickMeApp Pro compatibility.
  • Fix: MS Office Suites were not uninstalled silently.
  • Fix : email was restricted to small letters only.

What is new in (09-Jan-2019)

  • Fix: License purchased at 31-Dec-18 was not recognized.

What is new in (31-Dec-2018)

  • Fix: Synchronize PickMeApp and PickMeApp Light common features
  • Feature: Silent uninstall of MS Office Suites.
  • Feature(Beta) : Creation System Recover Points for install and uninstall actions.

What is new in (08-Nov-2018)

  • Fix: PickMeApp Light failure to run on XP was fixed.
  • Feature: link to Open Folder with captured applications (on Qualified Applications tab )

What is new in (29-Oct-2018)

The new release brings you more powerful features and essential bug fixes:

  • Feature: Capturing very large software products. PickMeApp Light may capture applications and software suites larger than 2.0 GB( Office 2013/2016, Visual Studio etc.)
  • Feature: Installation cache enhancements: PickMeApp Light collects and presents information about caches, that installations leave after installing software on your Windows computer. (read our article "Dark matter of Windows Software" )
  • Features and bug fixes from unreleased version (see What is new in

A lot of hidden changes were made to give ground for a full PickMeApp release which’s coming next month.