PickMeApp Light 1.6.0 : Support capture and transfer Inno Setup apps

Create: Sun, 2022-10-23 10:52
Author: admin

PickMeApp Light (20-Oct-2022)

  • Improve look up for application installation folders 
  • Improve Application Relocation feature
  • Improve startup time
  • Stability and usability fixes 

PickMeApp Light (06-Jul-2022)

  • Add <Drive D:> filters to show apps installed on a drive D
  • Show location of the installation folders. 
  • Sufficiently decrease startup time
  • Improve logging 
  • Stability and usability fixes 

PickMeApp Light (30-May-2022)

  • Sufficiently decrease startup time 
  • Stability and usability fixed 

PickMeApp Light (10-Apr-2022)

PickMeApp extends list of transferable applications. Alongside supporting capture and transfer of software products installed by Windows Installer, PickMeApp is now able to capture and transfer software products installed by Inno Setup installer.

Windows Installer (MSI) and Inno Setup installer together serve about 80%-90% of all software installations on Windows computers. Thus, the new PickMeApp functionality is a step forward to support capturing and transferring almost all Windows applications (see Programs unsupported by PickMeApp).