PickMeApp is moving on! PickMeApp can now relocate installed apps to another drive

We are happy to announce our new releases:

  • PickMeApp Pro
  • PickMeApp Light
  • PickMeApp Installer

These releases include a new PickMeApp feature and many stability fixes:

  • Support for relocation of installed software to another drive (e.g., freeing up space on a disk) 
  • Improved CLI format (https://pickmeapp.com/content/85-pickmeapp-command-line-interface)
  • Improved downloading software packages from original sources (e.g., source forge)
  • Shows more info about software packages (e.g., MD5 checksum)
  • Fixed PickMeApp crash when enumerating some .exe packages.
  • Fixed failure to capture applications due to read-only profile error. * Stability fixes

For more details about the Relocate Installed Application feature, please read the user manual here:


Starting March 1st, the PickMeApp Pro license will increase to $30 and the PickMeApp Light license to $15.

Hurry up and enjoy 33% off the old price until then right after reading this message!