PickMeApp is moving on! PickMeApp Pro 3.5 relocates apps to another drive

Create: Fri, 2021-02-19 09:31
Author: admin

What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.5.5 (24-May-2021)

  • crash reports integration
  • fix restore points on win 8
  • stability fixes

What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.5.4 (03-Apr-2021)

  • Simplify Settings Dialog  
  • Cleanup PickMeApp Pro UI from unused buttons
  • Allow capturing installed software as self-extracted PickMeApp executable packages as well.
  • Full support for setup packages created by PickMeApp (with  Capture or Pack operations)
  • Support repackaging expired PickMeApp packages.
  • Stability fixes for “Downloads folder as PickMeApp Profile “  feature
  • Fix silent installation recognition for INNO setup packages
  • Other stability fixes


What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.5.3 (2-Mar-2021)


  • Fixing Make Portable PickMeApp feature
  • Fixing Pack (Save as Exe)  feature regression  
  • Fixing creation System Restore points in Win 10
  • Update CLI install switches  
  • Other stability fixes


What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.5.0 - 3.5.2 (19-Feb-2021)

We are happy to announce our new releases: PickMeApp Pro

These releases include a new PickMeApp feature and many stability fixes:

  • Support for relocation of installed software to another drive (e.g., freeing up space on a disk) 
  • Improved CLI format (https://pickmeapp.com/content/85-pickmeapp-command-line-interface)
  • Improved downloading software packages from original sources (e.g., source forge)
  • Shows more info about software packages (e.g., MD5 checksum)
  • Fixed PickMeApp crash when enumerating some .exe packages.
  • Fixed failure to capture applications due to read-only profile error. * Stability fixes

For more details about the Relocate Installed Application feature, please read the user manual here: