Trojan or not ?

Create: Sat, 2012-06-02 21:01
Author: j.orecchia

I'm sorry, but Malwarebytes detects a trojan in your software delivery.
After executed PickMeApp0_5_14_9.exe, in the directory PickMeApp0_5_14_9,
I have a suspect file : bi.exe. Malwarebytes sends this file in his quarantine system because it is Trojan.Dropper !
Is it realy a trojan, or not ? May you tell me what is it exactly?
Thanks a lot in advance.

admin    June 02, 2012

Thank you for informing us the issue!

All files inside PickMeApp were tested. See the following fresh reports from VirusTotal

  1. GrabberEngine.dll: view report
  2. MiddleEarth.dll: view report
  3. PickMeApp.exe: view report


j.orecchia    June 05, 2012

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Thanks for your reactive answer and your explanations.

I presumed that it was a false positive alarm from Malwarebytes software, but I was not sure.

So, I will continue to use PickMeApp software because it just works perfectly to transfer applications to my new PC.

Best regards,

TAppTeam    February 04, 2014

pmaga.exe is our small utility that chooses advertisement partner to show.

It is downloaded from site each time to keep track on available advertisers.

It was created using NSIS software (

Some of viruses were created  using NSIS as well.
It creates false positive alarms because of common signatures.

Bellow please find link discussing similar problem with NSIS and Norton


We are in  contact with antivirus provider to deal with false positive alarm