XP to Windows 7 Migration Tools Review

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Windows XP can only be upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8  by a clean install. That is  all software should be re-installed anew


There are two approaches to migrate the Windows XP environment to a new Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC : 

  • Transfer programs, settings and  personal files on a new PC
  • Run old Windows XP as a virtual machine inside new Windows.

Transfer Programs

The most critical issue while moving to a new PC is to transfer licensed, rare or discontinued programs to a new PC. After extensive search we were able to find only 2  tools able to migrate those programs  from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

See our detailed and fair comparison between PCMover and PickMeApp

Transfer Single Program

Transfer User Profile Settings, Program Settings  and Files.

  • PCmover Professional. Transfers user profile settings and files, $40 .
  • Windows Easy Transfer - transfers operating system and program settings and files, free.

Program Settings Transfer and Backup

  • Fab's AutoBackup 4 - already non free $70 backup, restore, transfer tool for web browsers, email clients, ++
  • BackRex -  a $70 settings backup and transfer tool ( for web browsers , emails clients, etc.)
  • SSBT 1.4 - A free settings backup tool supporting 28 programs on windows XP

Windows XP Virtualization    

Note:  Read Microsoft Warning before looking for those solutions.


  • Application Mover is a shareware tool relocating installed programs from one path to another on a hard disk. The tool  substitutes files paths so that new path will reference to the old one.  c:\prog\editor -> c:\oldstuff\edit

  • A free alternative of the tool above.

Mass Migration

Please let us know if we missed any solution.

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