6.6 Guessing silent Installation or Removal of Applications

PickMeApp PRO can try to guess the type of installers used to install or package the application to apply known silent installation or uninstallation switches to the application.
Guess mode is enabled or disabled using Advanced Settings dialog .

If Guess mode is enabled PickMeApp PRO will allow

  • to unistall silently those applications which installer type was identified.
  • to install silently those applications that are described by PAD format

When Guess mode is disabled all installations or uninstallations of applications are interactive, except for applications which type is explicitly known. ( qualified applications, captured applications or applications described using TAD format).
Note Disable guess mode to install or to remove programs interactively.

While installing and uninstalling silently applications PickMeApp PRO will try to identify if applications do not behave silently by monitoring opening dialogs of application. if application setup does not behave silently PickMeApp PRO will skip installing or uninstalling that application. It will move to the next application, leaving open dialogs intact to allow user to complete the actions manually.