3.2. Running PickMeApp

PickMeApp makes application capture and  transfer as simple as possible. The program interface is very straightforward. Usually, you need only three clicks to make capture or transfer operations: Run, Select, Capture or Run, Select , Install.


Left Panel: Installed Applications Panel

The Installed Applications panel lists applications installed on the source computer that PickMeApp can capture.

Right Panel: Captured Applications Panel

The Captured Applications panel lists captured applications and their locations.

Transfer Management Bar

The Transfer Management bar (middle) contains following buttons:

  • Capture marked application(s).
  • Install marked application(s).
  • Create new profile .

Process Bars

Process bars show the status of the capture/deployment processes, and enable the user to interrupt their execution.

Session Log

Session Log provides detailed reports about the PickMeApp execution.

Upper Button Bar

The button bar includes the following:

  • Settings:          Opens a setting window
  • Help:                 Opens an online help in the browser
  • About:              Opens a dialog box in which your PickMeApp version number is shown
  • Support:           Opens a support page in the browser
  • Donate:            Opens a donation page in the browser
  • Update:            Checks PickMeApp updates