5.6 Packaging Installation Software

PickMeApp allows packing installation packages or a captured application into a standalone installation file that can be used on another PC without PickMeApp.

You can also pack several installation packages or captured applications into a single installation file. When you run this file on another computer, it will install all the applications included in the package.

You can use the Packaging feature to repackage expired self-extracted executable setups created by PickMeApp during capturing. The setup created by PickMeApp is limited by the lifespan of the original PickMeApp license. This repacking feature is also available in PickMeApp Light.

Note: TAP files do not required repackaging. They are permanently valid.

Packaging an Installation Package

To create a standalone repackaged installation file for an installation package or a captured application, click the Pack button from the Application bar.

Once done, you will see the installer file created on your destination folder. The installer is an .exe file that works just like your typical application installers in Windows. Double-click on the file to install the application on the target computer.

When packing a captured application, the Session Log window logs it as Packing %s application as self-extracting installation.

5.6 25

Packaging Multiple Applications into a Single Installation File

You can create a single installer file for multiple applications. To do this, select or mark the applications and click the Pack button from the Profile Bar.

5.6 26

You can also click the Mark All button at the bottom to select all applications. If you change your mind, click the Unmark All button to deselect all marked applications prior to capture.

5.6 27

Once done, you will see an installation file with the same name as the active profile, created under the profile’s destination folder. Click on the file to install the bundled applications on the target computer.

Note: PickMeApp does not need to be present on the destination PC when installing a packaged application.