Get rid of pre-loaded staff. Decrapifier vs PickMeApp

Create: Sun, 2011-01-30 20:44
Author: TAppTeam

Frequently a store-bought computers come packed with a good deal of pre-loaded software. Much of it is useless after a short evaluation period. Eventually to get rid of all unwanted staff at once you may try a free portable tool PC Decrapifier.

The PC Decrapifier site gives an long list of  67 applications that it is able to remove.

But wait! PickMeApp, which is able to capture about 85% of windows applications, also is able to uninstall them completely from PC!  Just  push uninstall button  on PickMeApp.

PC Decrapifier has an automation mode, which  cost  $20 to purchase. Again it works only on those 67 applications.

If you think you need the automation functionality from PickMeApp let us know.