The Last Chance to Safe your Belongings: PickMeApp in Safe Mode

Create: Wed, 2011-02-02 13:42
Author: TAppTeam

Faulty or badly installed software, bad drivers, viruses, failed peripherals …., in short, there are many reasons why you may found yourself able to start your Windows PC in Safe Mode only.

That is it. It seems that the only option left is to reinstall, to repair, or just to throw away your old Windows PC.
Of course, as the old hard disk is not damaged, all your data is safe and can be retrieved.

But what about all your wonderful installed applications, your settings, favorite links and etc from your old system? And what about numerous hours spent on PC configurations, installations, and adjustment? Is it all going to be wasted?

No! With PickMeApp, you have the last chance to safe your belongings: programs, settings, configurations. All that you need is to run PickMeApp in Safe Mode, capture your applications and settings and re-install them on a new environment.

Bellow we will list some particular instructions to run PickMeApp in Safe Mode.

Firstly, you will need all necessary tools to be available while you are running  Windows in Safe Mode.

Tools Check List
The following tools need to be available in Safe Mode

  1. PickMeApp setup from PickMeApp site
  2. Windows XP SP3 workaround: It is a free MSI 4.5 setup (WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe). The problem is that some specific services PickMeApp needs in Safe Mode of Windows XP Service Pack 3, are available only in MSI 4.5 setup. It is actual only for Windows XP Service Pack 3!
  3. Windows XP SP2 and SP3 workaround: It is a free fsmsi.cmd tool (download from the site). The problem is that some specific services PickMeApp needs will not run in Safe Mode of Windows XP by default. The tool fixes that issue by running those services explicitly.
  4. Optional .       Windows Easy Transfer

While your PC is running in Safe Mode, you may download the tools on your hard disk from Internet by  booting the PC in "Safe Mode with Networking". Alternatively, you may attach an USB flash drive with all those tools (Windows support USB under Safe mode). Read more about Safe Mode and more about USB flash drive in Safe Mode.

To capture your programs in Safe Mode by PickMeApp follow the next easy steps:

  1. Boot Windows PC in Safe Mode ( preferably with Networking).
  2. If it is Windows XP SP3 run MSI 4.5 setup and restart PC in Safe Mode again.
  3. If it is Windows XP, run fsmsi.cmd tool. ( no need to restart)
  4. Deploy and/or run PickMeApp.
  5. Capture your applications to a PickMeApp profile
  6. Optional: Install and Run Windows Easy Transfer  to capture your OS settings, personal files, and etc..

Note: If you are not sure if you have Window XP SP2 or SP3, you may do step 2 in any case. It is harmless.
The step 3 needs to be run for Windows XP. Also running it on any other Windows is harmless.

After those steps all your captured applications are stored in PickMeApp folders (on a hard disk or on an USB flash drive according to your  PickMeApp settings).

As soon as you get a new Windows environment you may attach the storage with captured programs and redeploy them anew following the PickMeApp user manual.