Problems ?

Download was canceled by SmartScreen

Create: Sun, 2016-02-14 15:43
Author: alonewk

I've tried many times to download it but it was forbidden by SmartScreen filter in Microsoft edge of IE (OS: Win10), and my antivirus software 360 Total Secure report it as suspicious file and suggest uploading it to make further analyst. I don't believe this program will do harm to my PC. Maybe you can help to solve this problem.

Transferred Family Tree Maker

Create: Sun, 2016-01-24 14:00
Author: Anonymous (not verified)

I replaced my wife's computer used for genealogy. FTM CD had vanished so your app was our only hope ( Free but I donated $10)

Capture and re-installation on new machine ( old and new both win 7 professional both Dell) Note that on transfer and installation a shortcut was not created.

I located Icon {leaves} in files and when I clicked it received the following error message from Windows: Files that help describe the problem:

How to workaround "Cannot be deployed twice"

Create: Sat, 2016-01-23 16:49
Author: Anonymous (not verified)

I am trying to transfer Family Treemaker to my wifes new hardware. 1st time it appeared to succeed however no shortcut appeared. I searched for the app icon and created a shorcut but was unable to start the app, I decided to start over but hit the brickwall above. What must I do to begin again.

Cannot tick checkboxes in My Captured Applications

Create: Fri, 2015-06-19 15:06
Author: rod_3

Successfully capturing, can even generate individual EXE for each TAP.

But the checkboxes in the right hand pane for the "My Captured Applications" section are GRAYED OUT and un-selectable so I cannot combine multiple captures into a single EXE for deployment.

Win 7 64 bit machine, pickmeapp NOT the light version.

The checkboxes ARE accessible in the "PickMeApp Free Section" and the "PickMeApp Trial Section".


Capture Successful but Install on another machine not working

Create: Mon, 2014-12-08 19:25
Author: tvd

Hi, I captured Roxio CD Creator 7 on Windows XP and transferred the file over to a Windows 7 machine. I tried to install the Roxio onto the Windows 7 machine and message said successful but I don't see Roxio anywhere on the new machine. I tried the save as exe option too, no luck. Any ideas?