3.6 Updating PickMeApp Pro

Periodically, PickMeApp Pro checks for the latest updates to the program. Whenever a new update is available, the Update button on the menu turns red.

Note: You can choose to automatically download updates via Settings > Preferences tab.

3.6 18

To check if there is an available update to PickMeApp Pro:

  1. Click the Update button. 
  2. On the PickMeApp Updates window, click Check Now.

3.6 19

  1. Wait while PickMeApp Pro connects to and checks the update servers.
  2. If an update is not available, close the PickMeApp Updates window. Skip the rest of the procedure below.
  3. If there is an available update, information about it is displayed on the PickMeApp Updates window.

3.6 20

  1. To check for the content of the update, click Details.

3.6 22

  1. To start downloading the update, click Download.
  2. After downloading, click the Install button to update PickMeApp to the latest version.

3.6 23

  1. After PickMeApp Pro is updated, click the Restart button.

3.6 24

Upon exiting, if PickMeApp Pro is not restarted automatically, you may have to restart it manually.