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Author: TAppTeam

"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"

  • Among Windows software programs, there are two types: those that PickMeApp can capture and those that PickMeApp cannot.
    Approximately 98% of Windows programs are capturable.
  • Within the software programs captured by PickMeApp, there are two types: those that are successfully re-deployed by PickMeApp on a new PC and those that are not. With each release, we increase the number of successfully re-deployed programs.
    About 90% of captured programs are redeployed by PickMeApp.
  • Among the software programs re-deployed by PickMeApp, there are two types: those that run on a new PC and those that do not. Some running programs may have issues, but they usually do not. (Some programs may require a PC restart, others may need additional frameworks installed prior to redeployment, while others should be captured and transferred as part of software suites. Finally, some rare programs may need Workarounds.)
    About 90% of re-deployed programs run smoothly on a new PC.

If your program is among those 98% x 90% x 90% = 80% of good re-deployed Windows software programs, please let us know. We will gratefully update the list of programs confirmed to transfer by PickMeApp.

If your program is among the 20% of unlucky programs, please let us and others know. We need your feedback to fix and improve PickMeApp.

"When Things Go Wrong"

  • Capture may fail if there is no permission to write a captured archive in the destination folder (e.g., read-only folder).
  • Capture may fail if there is insufficient space to store captured applications. Some applications are quite large (e.g., 8GB).
  • Capture may fail if an application locks its files. Terminate the application prior to capturing.
  • Capture may fail if an application is already captured in the destination profile. Choose another PickMeApp profile to capture that application.
  • Transfer may fail if an application is already installed on the destination computer. In that case, there's no need to install it again.
  • Transfer may fail if an application tries to install components belonging to another application. Please report this case to us.
  • Transfer may fail if system services are busy during the re-deployment of applications. Try re-deploying again.
  • Running may fail if the required frameworks are not installed on the computer. Install the relevant frameworks ( 5.4 Installing Applications | PickMeApp)
  • Running may fail if a suite application is missing some of its satellite applications. Capture all required members of the suite applications (e.g., Microsoft Office).
  • Running may fail if capturing missed some application components. Refer to our workarounds (link). Please report this case to us.

More troubleshooting notes are coming soon.


PickMeApp offers a solution for programs that are not transferable. PickMeApp can install a fresh copy of programs if they are described in PAD format. Furthermore, the installation of several programs can be automated in silent (unattended) mode. Currently, the PickMeApp distribution includes an updated PickMeApp Collection of approximately 71 applications whose installations can be automated. More applications can be added easily (see more)

However, if you still need to transfer some of your programs, we may provide a dedicated solution for the most requested programs – just ask!

To give us feedback about the good, the bad, and the ugly, please use the "Support" button on PickMeApp, which is available after registration.

arpago    September 27, 2011

ARMED from Virtuamedic is not recognized

halilkarakose    June 16, 2012

Symantec Endpoint Protection is recognized, captured, deployed. But I cannot see the application. It just doesn't exist in the destination computer. (from win7 to win7)

dvdljns    December 09, 2012

I am using gamebooster3 the free version. The new version not only costs but does not work as well. Recently i had to do a complete restore on one of my comps and lost game booster. Which is not recognized. But you said pickmeapp only recognized programs that used windows installer. does this mean if I build a windows install package. MSI? pickmeapp will recognize that install??

TAppTeam    December 09, 2012

In reply to by dvdljns

To make PickMeApp support gamebooster3 , the developer of gamebooster3 should distribute the application as MSI installation.  As an example:  gamebooster3 installation was built with Inno Setup.

pikaciu88_1    February 02, 2013

same os ( xp to xp) aldelo pro edition v3.8 no work.
please help me

nelson.sakugava    January 03, 2015

No cd instalation

imaginesempre    August 29, 2016

very wel