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Free PickMeApp Relocator moves installed software to another drive

Create: Thu, 2022-07-07 09:51
Author: admin

Many Windows computer users with small SSD system disks (128 – 256 GB) are falling into the same trap: Although the initial hardware requirements for the operating system installation seemed sufficient with these disks (about 20 GB for Windows 7/8 and 40 GB for Windows 10), the continued usage of Windows OS gradually uses up any free space left on the disk.

PickMeApp PRO 3.6.0 : PickMeApp as Application Launcher

Create: Fri, 2022-01-28 18:46
Author: admin

PickMeApp Pro (27-Jan-2022)

  • Fix Relocate feature issues.
  • Fix crash due to large number of folders of captured app
  • Add info about MSI cache location to app info report
  • Improve upgrade recognition of the installed apps.
  • Usability fixes
  • other fixes

PickMeApp Pro  (12-Jan-2022)

PickMeApp is moving on! PickMeApp Light 1.5 relocates apps to another drive

Create: Wed, 2021-04-07 09:32
Author: admin

What is new in PickMeApp Ligh 1.5.7 (27-Jan-2022)

  • disable advanced feature 
  • add info about MSI cache location to app info report
  • fix Relocate feature  issues. other fixes 

What is new in PickMeApp Ligh 1.5.6 (12-Jan-2022)

  • Improve PickMeApp startup time 
  • Bug fixes

What is new in PickMeApp Light 1.5.5 (16-Dec-2021)

We keep you updated! PickMeApp Installer has now been released

Create: Thu, 2020-07-02 09:21
Author: admin

We are happy to announce our new PickMeApp Installer releases :

PickMeApp Installer is a free  tool helping to manage most of aspects of the Windows software life cycle: Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, terminating, removing applications with just a few clicks!

We keep you updated! PickMeApp Pro has now been released.

Create: Thu, 2020-04-09 08:05
Author: TAppTeam

What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.2.2 (05-May-2020) ?

  • Terminate software programs before upgrade or reinstall.
  • Reduce size of PickMeApp executables
  • Captured programs can be reinstalled on the same PC
  • Languages are updated during PickMeApp update as well


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